You import from Brazil, from several manufacturers and we take care of everything so that you receive the best.

The connection (and selection) of manufacturers

A Pictan conecta dezenas de fabricantes dos principais polos do Brasil, para garantir que, você revendedor ou lojista de joias folheadas, possa ter variedade, além dos melhores produtos, preços e prazos do mercado.

Todos os fabricantes que vendem na Pictan passaram por um criterioso processo de seleção e são referências no segmento de joias folheadas no Brasil e assumem o compromisso de que seus produtos não utilizam substâncias tóxicas na sua fabricação, como Cádmio, Chumbo e Níquel.

Além disso, todo o processo é acompanhado pela Pictan, que interage e negocia com os fabricantes em todas as etapas, para garantir que seu pedido chegue até você, com a melhor qualidade, no menor tempo e sem dor de cabeça.

Pictan connects dozens of manufacturers from the main poles in Brazil, to ensure that, whether you are a reseller or retailer of plated jewelry, you can have variety, in addition to the best products, prices and deadlines on the market.

All manufacturers that sell at Pictan have gone through a careful selection process and are references in the plated jewelery segment in Brazil and assume the commitment that their products do not use toxic substances in their manufacture, such as Cadmium, Lead and Nickel.

In addition, the entire process is accompanied by Pictan, which interacts and negotiates with manufacturers at all stages, to ensure that your order reaches you, with the best quality, in the shortest time and without any headaches.

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Over 25,000 models in one place

There are more than 25,000 models of plated jewelry available for you to create your own collection, with daily updates. All this, so you don’t waste time and find everything you need in veneered jewelry, in a single place.

Security, security and more security.

Safety is our priority. Our entire technological infrastructure delivers the most modern and secure internet services. We are tested and approved daily by security companies, which monitor and certify that the environment is extremely safe. When you carry out a transaction, the platform analyzes all information and blocks possible fraud attempts. In addition, all data collected or made available is encrypted, and does not put your privacy at risk.

Furthermore, Pictan doesn’t just work in the digital environment. Pictan’s headquarters are located in Limeira – SP, the main center of the sector and considered the national capital of plated jewelry.

Integrated logistics process

At all stages of the order there is Pictan management.

In addition to transaction security, you will receive your order through the main carriers:

And the best, everything integrated in
a single shipment and a single shipment.

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Pre and post sales support

Our support is real. It’s online, it has a lot of technology, but it has all the humanized support, if necessary. Pictan integrates consultants ready to support and guide every step of the process.

Received the order and found a problem? Leave it to us, every dialogue with the supplier is also with Pictan.

Recebeu o pedido e constatou um problema? Deixa com a gente, que toda interlocução com o fornecedor é também com a Pictan.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Doing business is important, but building relationships and partnerships requires going far beyond your satisfaction.

That’s why Pictan establishes strict criteria and monitors all stages of orders: to ensure that they are delivered with quality and guarantee the reputation that is at stake when reselling the product: ours!

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